A Spotlight on Dr. Lee Goodhew

Marina McLerran

Editor, McLerran Journal

Assistant Band Director, Center ISD, TX


I have just recently had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Goodhew and have enjoyed multiple opportunities to hear her play. She is personable, humorous, and completely loved by her students.    


Dr. Lee Goodhew, originally from Denton, TX, is currently an Associate Professor of Music at Stephen F. Austin State University (SFASU) in Nacogdoches, TX. Her responsibilities include coordinating undergraduate and graduate bassoon studies as well as teaching undergraduate music history classes. Professor Goodhew is a talented bassoonist, clinician, and adjudicator who has been featured by the International Double Reed Society, The MidWest Clinic, New York State School Music Association (NYSSMA), The National Flute Association, and at the Percussive Arts International Convention. She is a member of the International Double Reed Society, the Texas Music Educators Association (TMEA), Pi Kappa Lambda, the American Federation of Musicians, and Sigma Alpha Iota.

With the support of her musician parents (both professional harpists) and outstanding early music educators like her middle school director, Lida Beasley, Dr. Goodhew developed an appreciation for the fine arts early in life. In 1982, she graduated with a degree in Bassoon Performance from the University of North Texas and was also awarded the Presser Foundation Undergraduate Scholarship. Two years later, Dr. Goodhew completed her Master’s in Bassoon Performance from Southern Methodist University. In 1984, she accepted a position at Western Michigan University as an Assistant Professor of Music. Five years later, she moved to Ithaca College in New York where she served as a Professor of Music for more than twenty years. During this period, Goodhew earned her DMA in Bassoon Performance (1995) from Michigan State University. In 2016, after an enjoyable experience teaching at the Stephen F. Austin State University Summer Band Camps (thanks to friend Professor John Goodall, SFASU), Dr. Goodhew decided to move back to Texas and accepted her current position at the SFASU School of Music. About the university and Nacogdoches, TX, Dr. Goodhew shared that she “always loved the town and the school and [had] always wanted to come back.”

Throughout her career, Dr. Goodhew has enjoyed the opportunity to study with greats like Rule Beasley, Wilfred Roberts, Edgar Kirk, Louis Skinner, Paul Carroll, Michael McCraw, Dominic Teresi, and Anna Marsh. She regularly performs in chamber ensembles and has performed with the faculty woodwind quintets of the University of North Texas, Western Michigan University, Ithaca College, and Stephen F. Austin State University. She also has a love for orchestral music and has performed with the Shreveport Symphony, Syracuse Symphony, Dallas Symphony, the Rochester Philharmonic, Cayuga Chamber Orchestra, Dallas Ballet, Les Petites Violons (Cornell University), and Ars Lyrica (Houston). What Dr. Goodhew values most, however, are the works of living composers who “keep our art alive” and “move the repertoire and technique forward both individually and collectively.” She believes it is imperative that musicians support each other and has personally premiered works by internationally known composers like Steve Stuckey and Karel Husa.

When it comes to her teaching philosophy, Professor Goodhew tends to employ a slightly unorthodox method to engage her students. She regularly does attention-grabbing things like recently performing in head-to-toe Elvis attire and is also a Yoga instructor for the community. About the importance of humor in education, Dr. Goodhew stated simply that “I think people learn better when they’re laughing” and conceded that “there is a lot to laugh about with the bassoon.” She shared that she makes a conscious effort to make her lessons humorous and does her “best to incorporate it into [her] history classes especially.” On the importance of Yoga studies, Professor Goodhew pointed out the several similar core lessons between yoga and music studies like developing proper “posture, body alignment, compassion, self-awareness” and learning to control performance anxiety. Dr. Goodhew has been a certified Kripalu Yoga Teacher since 2014 and has regularly presented at the Healthy Musician Workshop at Ithaca College.

Currently, Professor Goodhew is “working really hard to stay healthy, to keep playing, and to teach the best [she] can.” In the future, she hopes to present at the Texas Music Educators Association (TMEA) annual convention. To aspiring music educators, Dr. Goodhew advises seeking “out the very best teachers you can, try to be kind,” and be mindful of the needs of the students in the classroom (ex: being aware of any anxiety or negative energy in the room and responding appropriately).  


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Interview on June 7, 2018.


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