"The Modern Conductor" Professor Elizabeth A. H. Green

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Professor Elizabeth Green (1906-1995) is regarded as one of the most influential educators, conductors, and authors of our time. She earned a Bachelor of Music from Wheaton College in 1928, a Master's of Music from Northwestern University in 1939, and a degree in Fine Art (specifically painting) from Eastern Michigan University in the 1970's. In her lifetime, Professor Green taught public school orchestra, performed with several professional ensembles around the country, worked at the University of Michigan, and wrote multiple books on education, violin-playing, and conducting. 

"The Modern Conductor," first published in 1961, is a glimpse into the practices and philosophy of Professor Elizabeth A. H. Green. It includes such topics as balancing a musical ensemble, the fundamentals of intonation, performance etiquette, and more. This text is an invaluable resource for conductors of both instrumental and vocal ensembles. 

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